Lumen Dual Pad 264

Lumen Dual Pad 264
  • Item #: 0002642
The Lumen Dual Pad 264™ has 2 of the 132 pads which allows treatment on separate areas simultaneously. Each neoprene pad has 72 infrared LEDs and 60 Superluminous Red LEDs and measures 7.5” x 8.5” Research indicates that photon therapy further promotes healing by increasing the release of nitric oxide which plays a role in immune response and neurotransmission; increasing circulation and promoting vascularity; stimulating the production of collagen to repair and replace tissue; stimulating the release of ATP which increases the energy level within the cell; increasing lymphatic system activity; stimulating fibroblastic activity to aid in repair; stimulating growth of connective tissue; reducing the excitability of nerve tissue and relieving pain.
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